Dulcim International Shipping & Shipping Company due to its long history of foreign transit including transit to newly independent countries of the Soviet Union, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey etc. as well as transit from Iran to important countries of the world including India, China , Korea, etc ... Agencies of Dorsal International Shipping & Shipping Company on the border of Bazargan do all administrative affairs related to Iran and Turkey 24 hours a day. Like this office complex, it is based in Sarakhs, which tracks similar affairs at this border point. Other corporate offices include Lotfabad, Docharoon, Mirjawa, Jolfa and others.
Also DUBAI has the ability to transport goods to Iraq from other Asian, European and other countries. American, including China, Korea, India, has direct shipping of all container shipping from Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Khorramshahr to all required destinations in the country in the shortest time and at the most convenient cost. In the office of container shipping and transit, all the administrative procedures and obtaining the necessary permits and formalities of transit is done by the International Shipping and Shipping Company. Aluminum, air conditioning and…
He mentioned that it is shipped from other countries to the ports of the Islamic Republic of Iran and from there by the International Shipping and Shipping Company to transit to the destination country. He mentioned hygienic detergents, refrigerators and refrigerators and all the necessary household appliances and consumables such as pasta, pastes, drinks and more.

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