Due to Iran's proximity to land borders entering Asia and Europe, the land transport industry has long held a prominent place among Iranian businessmen and industrialists and other business partners with Iran. Road transport is one of the oldest routes. It is a worldwide commodity that is suitable for the price and speed of handling many cargoes and cargoes. Currently, most of the cargo is transported by road in the world and hence the shipping and freight company International telecommunications services to meet the needs of customers using land freight and transit services. Here is an example of these: Land transportation from Iran to all European countries and vice versa in full truck and luggage and, if needed, from factory door.
Switch documents in third country upon written request by the owner of the goods for export and import shipments. Land transportation from Iran to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Syria, etc. Some of the benefits of road transport by road are much lower than other modes of transport, including transportation and transportation: Requires less investment. Rail, air and sea transportation. Road freight is freight door-to-door or from warehouse to warehouse: Door-to-door freight transport Land transport to and from rural areas Suitable: Provision of rural transport services. Road transport has a major advantage over other modes of transport, and it has the flexibility of: flexible services. That's it. Routes and scheduling can be adjusted to meet the needs of individuals without the need for non-compliance. Delayed transportation by intermediaries Loading and Intermediate Management Avoidable: Suitable for short road distances. Cargo can be loaded directly onto a road vehicle and dumped directly at the destination. Road transport to transport sensitive goods such as breakage containers and containers: Less damage to cargo during transport. High up in the freight process It is convenient if you want to ship goods to different destinations immediately, road transport by rail and freight: the speed is faster and the freight is much faster. Among these options, maritime transport is slower than other modes of transport, the process of packing in road transport Complications: save on packaging costs. There is less or no need for packaging to transport goods by road and land. Another advantage of land transport is that large merchants can easily own their own vehicles: private vehicles. And have their products shipped to the market without the usual delays.

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