The maritime transport industry is the largest international industry in the world and employs over 2.5 million people. The issue of maritime transport has played a crucial role in influencing the current price of goods in developing countries and its attention in the current free trade environment and the fully competitive environment among the raw material and industrial owners. It is a branch of transportation that plays an important role in the development of foreign trade. This branch of transportation is considered the most appropriate mode of transportation due to its advantages such as low cost of transporting goods, payment against valid documents, and speed of operation in transporting high volume of goods. The geographical advantages of our country in the maritime sphere of Iran are great. Having approximately 0333 km of coastline, access to the sea in the north and south of the country, access to the Indian Ocean (open sea), positioning the country on the North-South transit corridor route, and the function of connecting Central Asian countries with the waters of the south, including the south. Important geographical advantages of the country in the field of maritime shipping and telecommunications international shipping company has been operating since its inception as one of the freight shipping and foreign transit shipping companies in Tehran and also with the establishment of Branches in all Iranian Ports) Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, Bushehr, Imam Khomeini Port, Ch Spring, Kish and Qeshm (and representation in all Iranian customs, the company has expanded its activities by having their branches and agencies throughout the world operates as follows:

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