High-speed air transport features make it an invaluable option to carry ratio-sensitive cargo
It comes in time, to almost everywhere in the world. Shipping by air also has the advantage of having a high level of security
Provides airport control over seriously managed air transfers.
While air transport is used along with other forms of freight, such as sea, train and land, this type of transport is
At the beginning of the 20th century it has been widely considered as one of the main delivery options for import and export.
Aviation has grown dramatically in the last five years as an industry in expanding markets and commercial networks.
It is, today, a viable option for domestic and international shipping
Which is best for us by air or sea?
The price of the commodity, the weight of the commodity and the relative relationship between the two, as well as the importance of the time of shipment and the weight of the commodity in the decision making
Choose the type of transport is effective
The higher the value of a commodity's weight, the more economical it is to carry it by air. For example for a computer device
With a value of about six hundred dollars and a weight of about six kilos, this ratio is equal to 100, if the ratio
For a handbag number, carrying the same computer device costs about $ 20 and weighing two kilos equals ten. generally
The value of the goods relative to their volume has a significant impact on the use or non-use of air transport
If time factor is too important for freight or loss due to delay in delivering more loads than savings
From shipping it to shipping, air freight seems more justified. In air freight to offset the fare
There are regular but light bulk loads according to which each cubic meter should weigh at least 1 kg, except
Then they take a 2kg number for it.
Dorghi Company has the ability to transport air from the international airports of Iran to all major airports in the world and has a track record
Large and small shipments (about 3,0333 tons). The company imports air from Europe, the Gulf states,
It also does Asia, Africa and America.

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